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Middle Earth United (MEU) was established to bring together gamers (originally from the Nimrodel server, currently working on Landroval) who were/are interested in combining resources with like minded Kinships to enable their members to achieve greater rewards from the gaming experience by increasing the pool size of the various skill sets required to work the more difficult instances. 

Even larger kinships at times experience difficulty in running the more complex quests, instances and skirmishes.  We also strive to maintain the FUN aspect.  It is an "Alliance Website", a means to meet, greet, and share information across Kinships while allowing the smaller Kinships to access the resources required for the 6, 12, and 24 man instances.  Kinships who choose to participate will have their Leader and successor appointed as an admin of the MEU alliance.  These two serve as the leadership and have oversight of the MEU Alliance.  Site permissions and access are granted based on these ranks.  Officers will also have the ability to act as moderators on the various forums.  We use a common ingame "chat" channel where individuals or fellowships may request support from any member online who wishes to participate or has a similar quest need (there is no "requirement" to participate - individuals do so on a "as available basis").  

The primary purpose of this alliance is to provide a reliable group of friendly players to group with.  If you can't fill a run with your own kinship members, if you need something crafted, need advice, or simply someone to chat with, Middle Earth United will provide allowing people to avoid THE HASSLE AND STRESS OF GLFF!

If this sounds interesting, we invite you to join and participate as we explore Middle Earth....and we look forward to seeing you ingame.

(Note:  For all of the support and resources you have helped with and left, we thank all admins, supporters, officers and members of MEU past and present)


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Perloin - Leader
Thunderpoint - Successor


Bilbo's Last Song
Aventhael - Leader
Andarros - Successor

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